Featured Messages

Here you will find past or present messages that the Lord has led me to feature.  This page is updated as the Lord leads.


Invitation to walk in Full Sonship

“I want My People to know that there is so much more to walking with Me than is commonly taught. You have been taught to expect a certain degree of things from Me, from your walk with Me. You have been taught that you grow to a certain point, then pass away and spend eternity with Me. Your time with Me in eternity started when You accepted My Son Jesus as Savior and Lord. Right now, You are seated with Me in Heaven. This is where you are NOW. (Eph 2:6). That very fact should radically change your life. But most of My Children the same as they did before they were placed next to Me. They pray, yes, but the unsaved also pray. They read My Word, but the unsaved also read My Word. I am calling you to a higher walk that is available to ALL MY CHILDREN. People look at Wigglesworth and think He is special. The ONLY thing He did special was say YES to Me an go through the door into FULL Sonship, the door that ANY of My Children can walk through if they simply do so.

“It is SO BEAUTIFUL beyond that door. Joy made full lives beyond that door. Life and that more abundantly lives beyond that door. Walking in the SAME intimate walk I had with My Son Jesus when He walked the earth, lies beyond that door.”

“So come on into the Land I set aside for you before I created the World, where you have always wanted to linger, to walk in, and explore. Take My Hand, and Let me show you just what it means to be a Son of God.”

The Keys to walking in Full Sonship

The Father says:

“The First Key

Revelation is reading the Word through My eyes.

When you read My Word through man’s eyes, you will continue to walk as men. When you read My Word through My eyes, you begin to walk as Sons of God.

This is possible for you, since we are One Spirit. Ask Me to help you do this and I will.

The Second Key

My Word was never meant to read only silently, but mainly aloud. The word meditate in Joshua 1:8 and Psalms 1:2 means speak, mutter, utter to yourself.

You are supposed to educate both your mind AND your spirit. You educate your mind primarily by what you SEE. You educate your spirit primarily what what you HEAR. You teach your mind what to think by what you SEE. You teach your heart what to believe by what you HEAR. Reading My Word aloud, then, is the best way to renew your mind and grow in faith at the same time.

The Third Key

Wigglesworth is an example of a person who walked in Full Sonship.

Many believed I was able to do so many mighty miracles through Him because He was Baptized in the Spirit. This is not true. Many are baptized in My Spirit yet see no miracles. That is because Wigglesworth walked not only full of My Spirit, but also full of My Word. He would pray in the Spirit daily, and read aloud from My Word daily. That is why I was able to raise so many from the dead, through Him, and restore missing limbs, and so many other mighty miracles.

These are the keys to walking in Full Sonship. This is the revelation that causes the prophecy of the manifestation of My Sons in Romans 8:19 to be fulfilled in this season.”

Comments He gave to add:

The sower soweth the Word – when you READ HIS WORD ALOUD, you are being YOUR OWN SOWER. Planting HIS SEEDS in the Garden of YOUR HEART every day, so that you will GROW A GARDEN in your heart that will make you begin looking, walking, and talking like Jesus. And another benefit of doing this is that the seeds that the enemy has planted, such as seeds that block healing, seeds of making you fear rejection by the Lord and others, will be replaced by seeds of FAITH FOR HEALING, and a new sense of TOTAL ACCEPTANCE BY THE LORD and BOLDNESS TO GO FORTH AND DO HIS WILL AS YOU HAVE NEVER KNOWN!

There is so many false teachings about healing and other subjects. That is the real reason why some, even very, very Godly, spirit-filled people, have had issues receiving healing from the Lord. Bad seeds planted in their hearts when they were not looking. By some pastor or teacher they listened to thirty years ago. In the Garden of their hearts, in some forgotten corner, is a weed that the enemy planted, that thing that made them just seem to never be able to step out into faith and receive the wonderful gift of healing from their Loving Father, purchased at such a great price by His Precious Son. Reading the pure Word of God aloud will uproot those foul weeds from the enemy, and replace them by a plant of growing faith to receive the Wonderful things their precious Father wants to give His Precious Children. The bad seed entered by something heard, so it must be uprooted by something also heard.

This revelation a major part of the Awakening. The Awakening has started, the GREATEST MOVE OF GOD to ever occur on the earth. Awakening is actually a misnomer. It is “multiple Awakenings, all at the same time: An Awakening to Who He is, an Awakening to ALL He did for us on the Cross, an Awakening of who WE ARE NOW as His Sons who are seated WITH HIM in the Heavenly Realms, an Awakening to who Jesus is IN US and who WE ARE IN HIM, and an awakening to who we are TO THE eNEMY. All these Awakenings coming to together will lead to a radical transformation of His Bride, and to the greatest incoming of souls that the Church has ever known. And then His Return

Lord Jesus says:

“I am the Beginning and the End. I, the Word, started the Church, and I, the Word, will complete the Church. That is why I am revealing the message that you should not only be full of My Spirit but also My Word. It is this message about My Word that will transform My Bride into the Glorious Bride.”

A ROAR from the Lord

“I have observed how the enemy believes that he has succeeded in ending the plans I have for some of My Children. How the enemy gloats while one of My Precious Daughters cries as she realizes her husband was sent by the enemy to destroy her life, how the enemy laughs when one of My Dearly loved and precious Sons has given up on life because of all the things that have been done against him. Because the enemy has not been afraid to come against My Precious Children, I have decided to make him become very afraid. I am going to take that Daughter of Mine, and not only heal her, but cause her to walk in an anointing a hundred times greater than I had originally planned for her to walk in. I am going to take that Son, and use him to win a million souls to Jesus, rather than a thousand. FOR THIS IS A NEW SEASON, THIS IS THE SEASON WHERE WRONGS AGAINST MY CHILDREN ARE MADE RIGHT, WHERE THE ENEMY LEARNS TO FEAR THOSE WHO BEAR MY NAME.”


“If your life has been tormented by fear, pray that the Lord will mightily use you to strike fear in the heart of the enemy during this new season, and He will do so. If your life has been full of tears because of the things that the enemy has done to you, ask your Father to use you to cause much weeping in the enemy camp, and He will do so. For this is a new season. The is the season where things done against My Children will be made right. THIS IS THE SEASON WHERE THE ENEMY LEARNS TO FEAR THOSE THAT BEAR MY NAME.”


The spirit of religion hates women. It oppresses women where ever it can. It treats women the same, whether it be in the mosque, or in some churches. Well I am going to show the enemy how much I love My Precious Daughters, and I will cause My Power to rest heavily on those of My Daughters who were most heavily oppressed, and the enemy will be like a man who chases a lion into a cave, and , reaching for a flashlight, sees the lion turn around in the last seconds of his life. That man is better off than any evil spirit who harmed one of My Daughters. For this is the season where wrongs are made right. THIS IS THE SEASON WHERE THE ENEMY LEARNS TO FEAR THOSE WHO BEAR MY NAME.


You are seated with Me, so I want you to begin thinking like you are seated with Me

Eph 2:6 And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.

“You are seated with Me. So I want you to begin thinking like you are seated with Me. To begin praying like you are seated with Me. To begin speaking like you are seated with Me. In the Old Testament, My People were servants who were citizens of earth. In the New Testament, My People are My children who are citizens of Heaven. Because you are used to thinking of yourselves as earthly citizens, you introduce into your prayers a sense of distance every time you pray. There is NO distance between us. I want you to meditate on the truth that you are seated with Me. That you are seated IN HEAVEN with Me, because you are ONE SPIRIT with Me. When you renew your mind to this truth, it will cause your prayer life and fellowship with Me to go to dimensions you never thought possible. When you change how you view where you are seated, you will find it very easy to believe for mighty miracles. You will find it very easy to be in constant communion with Me all day long. You will walk with My Father exactly as I walked with My Father, and minister exactly as I ministered. For on the Cross, I took upon Myself EVERYTHING you were, everything that you had, so that you could have EVERYTHING that I have.”

What it means to be a Son of God

“I am revealing all things about what it means to be My Sons and Daughters .  This is so you may walk in the fullness of everything Jesus purchased for you on the Cross.  Before the Wedding of the Bride, all of My Sons and Daughters will walk as My Son Jesus walked, and minister as He ministered.

When I placed you in Christ and Christ in you, I made it possible for you to walk as full grown Sons and Daughters, just as Jesus walked before Me as a full grown Son.  So I am going to reveal all things about what it means to be in Christ, and Christ in you.

Jesus walked in great authority when on the earth.  He walked in My Authority.  That is because He and I are one.  We are one Spirit.  When He spoke, it was the same as Me speaking.  That is because we are one Spirit, He is in Me and I am in Him.  He spoke words from My Throne into the earth realm.  You are one spirit with the Lord. (1 Cor 6:17 But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.)  So when you speak from your spirit, it is the same as Jesus speaking, and your words carry the same authority that His Words carry.  This allows Me to speak words from My Throne from ANY of My Children.  I am able to exercise Heavenly authority through My Sons and Daughters in the earth realm.  I am able to enforce “on earth as it is in Heaven”, through you.  My Sons and Daughters walk in a much higher level of authority than is commonly taught.  When you speak in Jesus’ Name from your spirit, it is just like My Throne is exactly where you are standing, and no sickness, no oppression, no work of the enemy can stand before My Throne.

There are many, many more things I am going to share with you about what it means for you to be in Christ, and for Christ to be in you.  I delight in sharing these things with My Children.  Before I return, millions of My Children will be walking in EVERYTHING My Son Jesus purchased for them on the Cross.  All creation has waited for the manifestation of My Sons and Daughters.  And that day is here.”

“As part of revealing all things about what it means to be My Children, and I am going to share with you more things about what it means to be In Christ.  Who you were before you were born again ceased to exist.  Colossians 3:3 says “for you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God”  I recreated you WITHIN MYSELF.  Therefore I see you as being JUST AS HOLY as Myself.  And there is none more holy than I.  You exist WITHIN ME, the One whom the angels declared “Holy, Holy, Holy”  Meditate on these words. I had to hide Moses in the cleft of the rock as I walked past Him.  He could not behold My Face.  Now you are inside the One who walked past Moses.  No other beings are as close to Me as you are.

My Love for My Son Jesus is infinite.  He is the most highly favored person that there is. I demonstrated this favor by giving Him the Name that is above every Name.  My Face shines on Him at all times.  When you were born again, I recreated you WITHIN HIM.  You are now one spirit with Him.  So you hold the exact level of favor with Me that My Son Jesus holds with Me.  My Love for you is also infinite.  And My Face shines you just as it shines on Him.

You are holy and dearly loved in My Sight beyond your comprehension.  My Children are the most loved beings in the universe.  Every single thought I have about you is for your good.  You cannot comprehend how precious and fully accepted you are in My Sight. What Jesus did for you on the Cross was a perfect work. A work so perfect that as far as our relationship is concerned, the fall never occurred.  Ask Me to help you comprehend these things, to show you in My Word where I say these things to you.  Then meditate on these things, so you can walk in the absolute freedom of what it means to be Sons and Daughters of God.”

My Face is beautiful beyond your comprehension.  It is so beautiful that it will captivate you throughout all eternity.  You see, ALL I AM is visible on My Face.  My Infinite Love, Joy, Peace, Light, Life, Wisdom and Truth all shine from My Face.  Heaven is so beautiful because I am beautiful.  You cannot imagine the beauty of Heaven with your natural mind.

I placed My Beauty in you when I placed My Son in you when you believed.  I made you beautiful beyond your comprehension because I placed My Son, the infinitely beautiful one, to live in your heart.  That is how see you, and each of My Children.

Because you are one spirit with Me, you can see through My eyes.  You can see your brothers and sisters as I see them. You can see beyond their external appearance and see just how beautiful they are in My Sight. You can see just how much each of My Children mean to Me.

When you were lost, I found you.  I put My Heart within you, the most beautiful heart that there is.  And your purpose, as My Sons and Daughters, is to show My Heart to a lost and dying world, so they will come to Me, and I can beautify their lives as well.

My Sons and Daughters represent earth in Heaven, and Heaven in earth.

They intercede for the affairs of the earth realm before My Throne, and they speak and act on behalf of My Throne on earth.

My Sons and Daughters are able to to this because they are seated with My Son Jesus (Eph 2:6) while at the same time, their physical bodies reside in the earth realm.

My Sons and Daughters operate in both places at once because they are one spirit with the Lord.

Where He is, they are.  And where they are, He is.

They pray before Me in His Authority, and they speak for Me on the earth with His Authority.

My Sons and Daughters operate in both realms, in order to involve Heaven in the affairs of man.

My Sons and Daughters operate in both realms to enforce “on earth as it is in Heaven”

My Sons and Daughters have the highest authority in existence because they have the right to operate in the Name of My Son Jesus, who has been given the highest Name in existence,  as direct representatives of My Throne in the earth realm.

All of Heaven responds to the Name of Jesus.

If it is loosed in Heaven, My Sons and Daughters can loose it on earth.

If it is bound in Heaven, My Sons and Daughters can bind it on earth.

There is no sickness in Heaven, so they can loose the Life of Heaven into the earth realm, healing the sick.

There is no death in Heaven, so My Sons and Daughters can raise the dead on earth.

There is no demonic oppression in Heaven, so My Sons and Daughters can set the captives of oppression free on earth.

My Sons and Daughters have the ability to represent and enforce how things are in Heaven, on earth.

My Sons and Daughters not only walk in the freedom of Heaven, they can release the freedom of Heaven into the lives of others.

My Sons and Daughters represent Heaven to those who are lost, so that the lost will know that My Son Jesus died for them.

By demonstrating Heavenly Authority in the earth realm, My Sons and Daughters demonstrate the reality of the Heaven in the earth.

The lost will see this, and they will see that the Gospel is true, and many will be drawn to Me, and be saved.

Where My Throne is, My Kingdom is.

My Throne resides in the heart of every believer, because My Son Jesus, the King of Kings, resides in the heart of every believer.

Where you go, the King of Kings goes.

This is because the King of Kings lives in you.

He has been given all authority in Heaven and on Earth.

So where you go, the highest authority in the Universe goes.

I have trusted My Son Jesus with all the authority that i have.

I did this when I gave Him the Name that is above every Name.

He has entrusted My Sons and Daughters with all the authority that He has.

He has entrusted His Name to My Sons and Daughters.

When you walk into any situation, you have the right to exercise the highest level of authority that there is.

My Throne is above all.  And My Throne lives in YOU.

You, My Sons and Daughters, are to be My Throne operating in the earth realm.

You are extensions of My Authority in earth realm.

You extend Heaven into the earth realm, where ever you go.

Because where My Throne is, Heaven is.

And My Throne lives in the hearts of My Sons and Daughters.

When I placed My Son Jesus in you, I placed all My Authority in you.

I have trusted no other beings with this level of Authority.

I carry the very keys of the Kingdom where ever you go,

because you are My Royal Family, sent to represent My Throne, on earth.

I have placed all I AM in My Son Jesus.

I have placed My Son Jesus in the heart of every one of My Sons and Daughters.

So every one of My Sons and Daughters are able to make Me visible to the world.

When the world sees Me, they are drawn to Me.

The world thirsts for My Love, My Joy, My Peace, My Life.

They seek to and fro for these things.

They seek for Me, and do not know it.

You carry the water that they seek.

For where My Throne is, the River of Life flows

And My Throne lives in the heart of every believer.

Where you go, the River of Life goes.

Revelations 22:1 “Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb”

John 7:38  “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”

These two verses refer to the same river.

Where you go, the River of Life goes, flowing into a dry and thirsty world.

Drawing men from far and wide, to drink of Me.

Col 3:3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.

Because I recreated you within Myself when you were born again,

you are uniquely qualified to share what is within My heart with others.

You, as My Sons and Daughters, exist within My Heart,

and can take those things that are within My Heart, and share them with people who do not know Me.

My love for EACH person on this earth goes far beyond what you have the ability to imagine.

Yet, I have put within each of My Sons and Daughters the ability to share this love from their hearts.

You will learn to share My intense love for them as you begin to see the lost through My eyes.

And you can see the lost through My eyes because you are one spirit with Me.

You can not only see the lost as I see them, you can feel what I feel about them.

We are one spirit, because you are within Me.

That means we share the same heart.

When people see My heart in your eyes, and hear My heart in your words,

they will be deeply touched.

My Love breaks down barriers that nothing else can overcome.

You are on earth to display My heart to those who have never known My Love.

You are on earth to make My heart visible.

My Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

I placed My Love in your heart when I placed Jesus to live in your heart.

It is this love that draws men.  It causes you to say to the lost what they have always wanted to hear.

It shows them that I am the One that they have always been seeking and didn’t know it.

It draws them to come to their true home, in Me,as they accept what My Son Jesus did for them.

My Love, within you, is what sets them free.

As My Sons and Daughters, you are the ones that I have chosen to have this high privilege and honor, to rejoice alongside Me as the lost come to My open arms, and are saved.”


3 Responses to Featured Messages

  1. Ed Palmes says:

    Thanks for this encouraging message Lord Jesus. .

  2. Sila says:

    “How the enemy gloats while one of My Precious Daughters cries as she realizes her husband was sent by the enemy to destroy her life”

    This is me. And I’ve been trusting the Lord ever since to bring me out of my despair. Even in the midst of the storm, I still praise and worship Him. Thank you for this encouraging word, my Brother in Christ.

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