Short messages

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Today is a new day. We saw what Jesus, the Bridegroom, can do. Now we will see what the Church, the Bride, in Jesus Might Name, can do!

The secret of great faith is being fully convinced of His great faithfulness to keep His Word.

A Single believer is more powerful than the entire kingdom of darkness, because Jesus lives in every believer.

The more titles you seek in this life, the less you will have in the next life.

The One who lives in you created over 800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars with a single command. Why ever be worried or afraid about anything?

A picture of how vastly superior the New Covenant is over the Old Covenant: When Moses asked the Lord to show him His Glory, the Lord said no man can see My Face and live. He hid Moses in the cleft of the rock and walked past him allowing Moses to see His back. In the New Covenant, as Sons of God, we are INSIDE the Person who walked past Moses, since we are in Christ.  Col 3:3 “For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ IN GOD”

Ask Him to begin changing you so that you can see His Face clearer and clearer each day with the eyes of your heart, and He will do so. The clearer you see His Face with the eyes of your heart, the more your face shines with His Glory.  This prayer is the prayer that ushers in His Return, because when our faces are shining with His Glory, the Bride has become the Glorious Bride.

“The enemy cannot abide in Heaven. So as you establish a Heavenly atmosphere in your Churches through intense worship, My Glory will drive every trace of oppression away. As the Churches in your cities join together to praise Me, I will change the very atmosphere over your cities, and millions will be saved. My Church will shake this earth before I return. For I am coming back for a victorious Bride, ready to wed her victorious King”

“I want you to see each other as I see you. I see you as a dearly loved and infinitely valuable person. I am always gracious toward you, and thinking of ways to bless you.. I love you exactly as much as I love My Son Jesus (Jn 17:23). So I want you to see each other through My eyes from now on. Ask Me to help you change how you see your brothers and sisters in the Lord, and I will.”

“My Word comes from above. So as you fill your hearts with My Word by saying it, you will begin to live above the circumstances of your life. You will begin  to see them “from above” as I see them. They will appear small compared to Me. For My Word contains within it the power to help you walk in victory over every circumstance. For My Word living in you IS JESUS LIVING IN YOU. And He has overcome the world”

The Cross demonstrates my attitude toward sin. I take sin very, very seriously. The Cross also demonstrates my attitude toward mercy. I take mercy very, very seriously too. But the Resurrection demonstrates that I prefer MERCY over JUDGMENT. So as as you look at your brothers and your sisters, remember that, and treat them with the same great Mercy and Grace that I showed you.

On the Cross, Jesus went from being a fully accepted Son to being orphaned. (Ps 22:1 “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?). That is so you could go from being orphaned to being a FULLY accepted Son the moment you believed. I accept you and love you JUST AS MUCH as I accept and love Jesus. You are no longer an orphan, but a fully accepted and loved Child of mine. Equally cherished as Jesus is cherished.

“If you were to take a believer, and somehow transport him to Heaven for a six months, when he came back, he would be a very different person. There would be a glow on His Face, Joy and Love radiating from his countenance. His voice would tremble when He spoke of the Lord. Earthly things would hold little fascination with him. That same transformation occurs to the man who spends an hour or two reading My Word aloud and praying in the Spirit each and every day for that same amount of time.”

A good deal of today’s thinking in Church comes from an orphan mentality, rather than ask the Lord boldly for things, we are taught to hardly ask Him for things at all, that He is a reluctant giver. God loves a cheerful giver BECAUSE HE IS A CHEERFUL GIVER. It rejoices His Heart to give you the things your heart desires. He loves to bless His Children. That is what makes His day.

“I am replacing the VICTIM mentality that has held My Bride back so long with the VICTOR mentality of My Dear Son Jesus. Religion will no longer keep My Bride from walking IN EVERYTHING I purchased for Her on the Cross”

There is a place in the Philippines where people have their backs beaten and then have themselves crucified to make themselves feel more holy in My Sight.  You may find this sad, but the truth is, many in My Body beat themselves every day with words of condemnation, guilt , and unworthiness, hoping to make themselves more Holy in My sight.  I fully accept you, due to the finished work of Jesus ALONE.  Fully accept that you are fully accepted.

You will not be standing in front of your pastor on the last day. You will be standing in front of Me. ‘Did you do what I called you to do?’ will be the first question I ask.  So if your pastor is not allowing you to operate in your ministry, leave your church and go elsewhere.”

There are places in Namibia, Argentina, and Texas that look just like Germany; the unique German architecture and style. They made those places like their home. When we become fully convinced that our Citizenship is in Heaven, and that is our true home, we will make where we are like our home, too.

Did you know that Jesus was very aware of Isaiah 53 all of His life?  He really, really loves you.

We were given the use of the Name of Jesus in order to demonstrate Heaven in the Earth realm. Sinners already know that hell is real. Its time for us to show them that Heaven is real.

Not only does the One who stopped the Sun in the sky for Joshua live in you, the One who MADE that Sun, lives in you. There is NO LIMIT to what I can do through any of My Children.  This is because I LIVE IN ALL OF MY CHILDREN.  Go forth boldly then, and change the world, in Jesus Name.

I have elevated My Word even above My Name, yet some men have elevated their traditions above My Word in their thinking.

We are one Spirit with the Lord (1 Cor 6:17). So when we speak His Word aloud, He is also speaking His Word over us. It is Jesus washing His Bride with the water of the Word (Eph 5:16) transforming her into a Radiant Bride. Just as His Blood cleanses from sin, His Word cleanses from the world. When we speak His Word aloud, His Bride is making herself ready.

Since I have honored My Word EVEN ABOVE MY NAME, I want you to keep My Word in the highest place of honor in your thoughts . By that, I mean – if you must choose between what you see in My Word and what you see with your eyes, choose to believe My Word as the higher authority. It is then that you will walk in the victory My Son purchased for you on the Cross.

Jesus has the Highest Degree of Favor with Me that there is. No other being even comes close to having that much favor with Me. This Highest degree of Favor is evidenced by the fact that He has been given a Name that is above every other Name. BECAUSE YOU ARE IN CHRIST, YOU HAVE THIS EXACT same degree of Favor with Me as well. Col 3:3 says you are HIDDEN with CHRIST in GOD. When I look at you, I only see Him, for you are hidden IN HIM

“Jesus living in you makes you blessed beyond your comprehension.  THERE IS NO GREATER BLESSING because ALL of the Father’s blessings are contained in His Son.  Our Infinite God who has an infinite amount of blessings, gave them ALL to us when He gave His Son to live IN US”

All of God’s Spiritual blessings reside in His Heart. (Eph 1:3) Jesus is His Heart. He is the heart of the Father, made visible, which is why He said “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father”. We received a new heart when we were born again. HIS HEART, who is JESUS. So He placed every spiritual blessing He had to give, within us. When He made Jesus to live within us, He blessed us beyond our comprehension.

“I gave you the Greatest Blessing I had to give when Jesus came to live in you. Jesus living in you is also the Greatest Blessing I have to give to others around you who may not know Me, or who may need healing or encouragement. Allow Me to bless them through you, by allowing Jesus to walk and talk through you.”

Jesus fulfilled the Law. He NOT ONLY fulfilled it by receiving the penalty for not keeping it, on our behalf, but also by receiving the blessings FOR KEEPING IT, on our behalf. He walked in the highest degree of favor and blessing because He perfectly kept the Law. When we believed on Him, the Father recreated us IN HIM, and we inherit that HIGHEST DEGREE OF FAVOR and BLESSING AS A GIFT!

Speaking My Word is elevating My Word above all other words in your life, because its the word on your lips that determines the course of your life. By elevating My Word in your life by saying it, you allow Me to elevate YOU above the problems of this world.

My Word contains My Perspective on things. My Perspective has the power to change, because none of My Words are devoid of power to be fulfilled. My Word in your heart will cause My Will to be fulfilled in your life.

“I am the Beginning and the End. I, the Word, started the Church, and I, the Word, will complete the Church. That is why I am revealing the message that you should not only be full of My Spirit but also My Word. It is this message about My Word that will transform My Bride into the Glorious Bride.”

The enemy waits for opportune times to come against My children. However, EVERY time is an opportune time to come against HIM, since Jesus stripped him of all his armor and weapons at the Cross. Col 2:5 “Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.”

When the enemy tempted Jesus, he started the temptations with “IF you are the Son …”  The enemy tried to get Jesus to doubt His Sonship, to get Him to “prove it” by sight (turning the stones into bread) rather than walk in it by faith. The enemy will also try to get you to doubt what is true about YOU. What is true about you is what I SAY about YOU. You are FULLY ACCEPTED AND DEARLY LOVED because I see you IN CHRIST. You are hidden in Him. When I look at you, I see Jesus. And with Him, I AM WELL PLEASED. SO I AM WELL PLEASED WITH YOU!  Col 3:3 “For you died, and your life is NOW hidden with Christ in God”

Both the One who cast the devil out of Heaven AND One who took the keys from the devil, live in you. The devil is scared of you. The devil has sowed fear for far too long. Now it is time for him to reap fear. The law of sowing and reaping does not just apply to men.

You did not receive the spirit of fear. You received the Spirit that puts fear into the devil.
Philippians 3:20 says “Our citizenship is in Heaven”.  There are NO SLAVES TO SIN in Heaven.  Religion has lied to us. GOD DID NOT RECREATE YOU AS A SLAVE TO SIN!

Man baptizes in natural water.Jesus baptizes in the Living Water.The baptism in natural water represents our beginning of a new life on earth when we are born again.Jesus baptizing in the Living Water represents our beginning of a new life in Heaven when we are born again. Both are necessary because we were born into both realms when we were recreated. Baptism represents a new beginning. Behold, He is making all things new.

“When I showed My People that they should be full of My Spirit at Azusa Street, I also restored Praying in the Spirit to My People. Now, I am showing them that they should also be full of My Word, and with that, I am restoring the secret of answered prayer to My People”

The Father has a unique relationship with each of His Children. However, some are more developed than others. Some leave this earth knowing Him from a distance, others as a trusted and cherished friend. There is NO GREATER JOY than the Joy found in His Presence. And the door is completely flung open to you, to walk with Him closer than your mind even thinks possible. All you have to do is step in.

God wants us to no longer see each other as man sees us, but as He sees us. He sees us as being IN CHRIST because Colossians 3:2 says “for you died, and your life IS NOW HIDDEN WITH CHRIST IN GOD” Hidden means NOT SEEN. He only sees Jesus when He sees us. So He wants us to ONLY SEE JESUS WHEN WE SEE EACH OTHER. When we see each other as He sees us, the Church will be HEAVEN MADE VISIBLE. And many will be saved

Jesus came to teach how to live as we were supposed to before the Fall, then He died on the Cross to make it possible for us to live as if the Fall never occurred, because His death on the Cross and Resurrection made it possible for us to be re-created, removing Adam from our family tree altogether. God is now our Father. And our citizenship is now in Heaven.

Did you know that the Lord Jesus, who was given the Name above every name, honors YOU above Himself in His thinking? That’s because the word says “Honor one another above yourselves” (Rom 12:10) and He keeps his word JUST LIKE He asks us to. If the King of Kings and Lord of Lords honors YOU above Himself in His own thinking, how much more should you honor your brothers and sisters in the Lord above YOURSELF?

Jesus never considered Himself a great man.  Beware of Christian leaders who do.

A pastor was speaking on how we are all “bit players” in the eternal drama of the ages. The Lord showed me how that was an insult to His plan for each of us. Jesus lives in EACH of our hearts and He can shake the world through EACH of us if we allow Him. It is time for us in leadership to stop talking down others in the Body. What we say about any of us, we say about Him.

The Old Testament is the wilderness. the New Testament is the Promised Land. We learn things in the wilderness. But our fulfillment is to be found in the Promised Land. The Old Testament points to the NEED of the Cross. The New Testament points to the wonderful overflowing BLESSINGS of a Resurrected Life to be found in Jesus, who came that we might have Life, and that MORE ABUNDANTLY.

Rev 22:1  says “THEN HE showed me the river whose waters give life, sparkling like crystal, flowing out from the throne of God and of the Lamb”  John 7:38  says “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” The River of Life, that proceeds from the Throne of God, extends into the earth realm THROUGH US as we pray in the Spirit.

The Lord says “Teachable is promotable”

The growth of the believer, from spiritual babyhood to spiritual maturity, can be seen in one way as a believer, acting less and less like an earthly citizen, and more and more like a heavenly citizen.  As we partake of His Word which is from Heaven, and His Spirit, which is from Heaven, the Heavenly becomes more and more visible in our lives. The unseen realm of Heaven becomes seen in the earth realm in their lives.

A Christian can go through an entire day as a mere man. He can reason about where to go, what to do, guided by what is seen. Live as those who are not saved live. OR a Christian can go through the entire day as a Son of God, following Holy Spirit’s gentle leading, being at the right place to say the right words at the right time. Why live a boring earthly life when you can live every day a heavenly adventure?

The more Heavenly your walk with Me, the more miraculous your life will be. Saying My Word transforms you walk to be more heavenly each and every day. That is because My Spirit will take My Word in your heart and transform you more and more. Going from Glory to Glory is going to more and more Heavenly.

To the Bridegroom, the Bride is the Pearl of Great Price. To the Bride, the Bridegroom is also the Pearl of Great Price. Both had to give everything they had to acquire it.

The Joy that was set before the Jesus, for which He endured the Cross, was the Bride. The Joy set before the Bride is the Bridegroom, Jesus. One look at Jesus’ face will make it worth it all, to us. And as He beholds OUR faces, the suffering of the Cross will be worth it all, to Him.

Our deepest desire is to know Him, to walk in close fellowship with Him on a daily basis.  He wants us to be aware of the things of Heaven just as much of the things of earth, while we walk down here.  The main thing in Heaven that surpasses ALL OTHER THINGS is His Face.  It is the most beautiful thing to behold imaginable.  Your deepest, deepest desire is to see His Face. And your highest goal is to reflect His Face, because it is the most powerful witness you can ever have.  It is heaven being visible on earth.  As I study The Bible, The Word, The Scripture, by reading it to myself aloud, over time, I have noticed I can see His Face clearer and clearer.   One look at His Face will instantly refresh you and renew your hope, your joy, and your peace.  That is one of the main reason, if not the main reason, I share the message I share. The goal is to see His Face, and in seeing His Face, to be a shining witness for Him in this dark world.

There IS NO enemy territory. No longer think “I’m going into enemy territory” when you go into the streets to share the Gospel. No, I took every piece of ground satan owned when I took his keys and rose from the dead. I have given you every place you put your foot.  I am not only with you as I was with Joshua, but also IN YOU.  Where you go, I go.  Where you go, My Kingdom goes.  I have provided EVERY Heavenly Resource to be at your disposal.  Millions of angels are ready to support and protect you.  My Spirit is ready to give you every word to say, and provide every miracle to confirm My Word.  Go boldly and take the land, I have given it to you!

Matt 7:26 “But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.”
Did you know that the enemy does not follow the teachings of Jesus? That means EVERYTHING THE ENEMY BUILDS IS FOUNDED ON SINKING SAND. Go forth boldly and blow it down with the Power of God!

Both God and David saw Goliath dead before he stepped on the battlefield. That is how He wants us to see battles. Over before they even began.

You know, if the devil could not hold Jesus down, he certainly can’t hold you down either, since THAT SAME JESUS is also in YOU!

Prophecy is God’s heart speaking to our hearts. God’s Word is God’s Heart in written form. As you fill your hearts with His Word by saying it, God’s Heart living in you will speak life into other hearts, through you. It will be Jesus, who is the Word, speaking life and that more abundantly into other lives.

It is time for you to STOP being intimidated by the words of the enemy and to START intimidating the enemy with My Word.

My Name is Jehovah-Rophe – God your Healer. My Name is Jehovah-Jireh – God your Provider. My Name is Jehovah-Shalom – God your Peace. I gave you the use of My Name, Jesus, so that you can demonstrate MY OTHER NAMES to the lost so that they will be saved.

The words of man in your heart and mind will enable you to understand the tornado. The Word of God in your heart and mind will enable you to speak to it and make it disappear.

“Faith will give you the confidence to speak to the storm and tell it to be calm. Faith will give you the confidence to speak to the enemy and tell him to flee. Faith will give you the confidence to speak to the sick and they get well. That is because Faith is seeing things as I see them. The more of My Word in your heart, the more you will see things as I see them. I see the problems solved before they even begin.”

If Jesus lives in the hearts of believers, why do so many believers speak from their minds?

The traditions of man in your heart make the Word of God to no effect. Not all traditions are religious traditions. A tradition is an earthly way of thinking contrary to the Word. “Seeing is believing” is a tradition of man. Believing a tradition of man above My Word is called doubting. Saying My Word will cleanse you of doubts, and restore the Mountain moving faith that I want all My Children to walk in.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.  And we are here to remind the devil of that.

My Son Jesus lives in your heart and yearns to bless others through you. The more of My Word and My Spirit that you have in your heart, the more of a blessing your life will be.

My Word in your heart will cause you to see as I see. When you see as I see, you will love as I love.

The Church is where she is today because she sees herself as man and the enemy sees her, not as God sees her. The Church beginning to see herself as God sees her is the Glorification of the Bride, and that process has begun. Revelation is Me revealing how I see things. I am giving revelations to My Bride of how I see her, and she is becoming the Glorious Bride.

“My Son Jesus lived an UNFALLEN life. He had NO TIE to Adam whatsoever. He was free from sin, fear, and the things the things that hold the world bound. He walked in authority over sickness, the devil, the weather. I heard His every prayer, so He commanded Lazarus to come forth. I SEE YOU AS UNFALLEN, BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO TIE TO ADAM, EITHER. WHEN YOU WERE BORN AGAIN, THAT TIE WAS BROKEN. YOU ARE MY CHILD NOW.”

Believers are heaven walking in the earth realm.

The Church IS Heaven on earth.

Currently, Believers are the only visible residents of Heaven.

Living an overcoming life is living according to what is TRUE, not according to what is SEEN.. God’s Word is what is TRUE. Having our hearts full of His Word will cause us to believe WHAT IS TRUE rather than what WE SEE. And we will overcome what is seen with what is TRUE.

God has NO WEAK AND DEFEATED children, only those who think that they are weak and defeated because they were told that they are weak and defeated. What a person sows, he also reaps, after the same kind. The Father SOWED a STRONG AND VICTORIOUS SON when He gave Jesus to die for us, and that is EXACTLY WHAT HE REAPED – MANY STRONG AND VICTORIOUS CHILDREN. That is EXACTLY how He sees us

Was Adam a slave to sin after God created him? No – so neither are you a slave to sin after God RECREATED you!

Creation STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN WITH THE RESURRECTION, Holy in His Sight, GOOD, and perfect, just as the original Creation was perfect before the Fall, because the work of the Cross was perfect. And He sees us as perfect, because He recreated us in His Perfect Son Jesus, In Christ. So perfect He could pour out His Holy Spirit from the Holy of Holies into our hearts.

Living an overcoming life is living as a Heavenly Citizen on earth. It is walking in the Joy of Heaven, Peace of Heaven, the Love of Heaven, the Light of Heaven, the Life of Heaven, the Truth of Heaven, and the Wisdom of Heaven, WHILE on earth. Jesus lived life of a Heavenly Citizen on earth. Jesus overcame the World. Jesus is the Word. The more of the Word in our hearts, the more Heaven will be visible in our life

There is complete freedom in Heaven. There is no bondage in Heaven. That is because where God is, freedom is. Wherever Jesus went, He sent people free. Jesus IS the Presence of God. Emmanuel means “God with us”. Jesus is the Word. So the more of His Word in your heart, the more of the freedom of Heaven you will walk in, and the more He will use you to set people free.

Our words carry His Authority BECAUSE we are one spirit with Him. So that is why He is able to allow us to use His Name, and use His Word in spiritual combat. BEFORE the Cross, only Jesus was able to use “it is written” to combat the enemy. Now, we all can. Because we are one spirit with the Word Himself.

The definition of Grace in the New Covenant: God the Father treats you like He treats Jesus. He loves you like He loves Jesus (John 17:23) He accepts you like He accepts Jesus. His Face shines on you like it shines on Jesus. He hears your prayers like He hears Jesus prayers. All because we are now IN CHRIST.

“I want you to love your brothers and sisters BY FAITH, not BY SIGHT. By how I see them, not by how YOU see them. I see them and love them as I see and love Jesus because they are IN CHRIST. I want you to do the same”

The Light is displacing the darkness. The light of revelation is displacing the darkness of religion. His Bride is starting to shine with His Glory because she is starting to behold His Glory. She will no longer look at Herself as man sees her, but as the Son of Man sees her.

When you were believed in Him, who you were died, and you were born again, RECREATED IN CHRIST. Your life is now hidden WITHIN HIM FOREVER. Col 3:3 says “For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” Note that last phrase, IN GOD. He recreated you IN CHRIST, INSIDE GOD, who the angels called “HOLY,HOLY,HOLY” in Isaiah 6. That should forever settle the question about HOW HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS HE SEES YOU

James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift comes from above, down from the Father of Lights.” Every Christian is BORN OF GOD, born from ABOVE, and is a good gift from the Father to the world.

God used the “weakness” of the Cross to defeat the strength of the enemy. Jesus on the Cross appeared to the natural (and devils can only understand the natural since they are cut off from revelation) to be God at His Weakest, when it was in reality God at His Strongest.  And right now, His Bride also “looks” weak.  But She too is entering her Third Day.  The Bride is about to rise up and fulfill Her purpose, just like the Bridegroom did.

The book of Acts is the Book of Joshua of the New Testament. You see the Kingdom of God conquering and expanding where ever it goes. Just as in Joshua, the Lord gave them where ever they set their foot. As in Joshua, He tells us to be BOLD and VERY COURAGEOUS, because the Lord our God is with us, and He is WELL ABLE to give us the land.

“A religious man will not feel comfortable in Heaven. There’s no bondage there. God totally accepts them. No one judges anybody. And there’s too much laughter in Heaven for their taste.”

Gossip is giving words to the enemy’s thoughts, which cause you to release your faith AGAINST the Body of Christ, wounding His Bride.

Ps 91:4 “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”   The SHIELD OF FAITH is based on GOD’S FAITHFULNESS, not on your efforts. Stand firm BEHIND THE SHIELD OF GOD’S FAITHFULNESS, stand on His Faithfulness to keep His Promises.   Our protection of the Shield of Faith is based on God’s INFINITE FAITHFULNESS to keep His Word, to keep His Promises. IF WE SIMPLY STAND ON THAT, NOT ALLOW ANYTHING TO MOVE US OFF OF HIS PROMISES IN TIMES OF TESTING AND TRIAL, the SHIELD IS IMPENETRABLE. It will quench ALL the firey darts of the enemy. We place ourselves behind the shield by what we say, and we remove ourselves from behind the shield by what we say.  Yet ANOTHER way life and death are in the tongue

“Share what the Lord has done for you with others! With each testimony, the enemies kingdom shrinks, and My Kingdom grows!”


It is time for the Bride of Christ to go on the OFFENSE. The enemy is going to have a real hard time BUILDING STRONGHOLDS if he is running for dear life!

What you sow, you also reap. The Father sowed a victorious Son of God in Jesus, when He gave Him on the Cross to die for us. So the Father has reaped MILLIONS of victorious Sons and Daughters of God. We are MORE THAN OVERCOMERS through Him who loved us.

Adam’s eyes were opened to the fact that he was naked after the Fall. The Father wants our eyes opened to the fact that we are clothed in the Glory of God after the Cross.

During lunch, I was observing a NO SOLICITING sign at a local shopping center.  This type of sign is meant to say, among other things, No Witnessing about Jesus allowed! The Lord pointed out how ineffective those signs will be to deter witnessing when we walk around with our faces shining with the Glory of God.

The Lord’s anointing gives us the ability to express what is in our hearts FAR better than we can do it ourselves. The operation of the anointing DOES NOT STOP when you leave church. He wants it to bless EVERY ASPECT of our lives – our friendships, marriages, etc.

“Man’s definition of Grace is ‘God’s unmerited favor’. Have you noticed how this definition mentions neither Jesus nor the Cross? That’s because this definition did NOT come from Me. My definition of Grace is this: “I treat you with the favor Jesus deserves. He received what you deserved on the Cross. You believed on Him. I placed you IN HIM. And now I treat you LIKE HIM. That is My definition of Grace.”

Because you are IN CHRIST, He will ALWAYS see you as being IN HIM from now on. Because we are IN CHRIST we are recipients of the Father’s favor that is due Jesus. So when He looks at you, He sees Jesus, because you are IN HIM. This is His Word for you today: “You are my beloved Son, in whom I am WELL PLEASED”. Though your mind may not be able to grasp it, accept it, it’s the truth. This is His Word to you today.

If you do not see YOURSELF as valuable in God’s eyes, you will not see others as valuable in God’s eyes. He sees you as being IN CHRIST since you believed. He treats you with the favor due Jesus, because He sees you in Jesus and one spirit with Him. So He wants you to see other believers as Jesus and treat them as you would treat Jesus, too.

The side effect of living under condemnation is it causes us to condemn others. When we realize that He TOTALLY accepts us, that He sees us as perfect because He sees us in Christ, we will begin to see others as He sees them and treat them as we would treat Jesus.

“Jesus is the great High Priest. He sits closer to Me than another other being in Heaven. When you were born again, I recreated you, IN CHRIST. I recreated you IN MY SON. So not only are you totally accepted, but you are closer to Me than you can possibly imagine. There is NO distance between us. That is how close you can walk with Me on a daily basis.”  Knowing this within your heart is the secret to ministering as Jesus ministered. It is also the secret to living a life full of Heavenly joy when walking in the earthly realm.

We GIVE ground to the enemy by what we say, we take ground FROM the enemy by what we say.  It is better to TAKE ground.

Fear comes from the absence of My Word in your heart. As you fill your hearts with more and more of My Word by saying it, fear will disappear.

None of Jesus Words ever fell to the ground. That’s because they originated in Heaven. As you become full of My Word, none of your words will fall to the ground, either.

If two can put ten thousand to flight, how many can two hundred million walking in unity put to flight?  That day is coming.

You did not receive the spirit of fear. You received the Spirit that puts fear into the devil.

God made you to be a terror to the enemy. “The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.” – 1 John 3:8 You have been placed IN CHRIST when you were born again. So His Purpose is now YOUR PURPOSE. Our purpose is to destroy the works of the enemy. The most powerful way to destroy the works of the enemy is to SHARE THE GOSPEL.

Some in leadership see the Lord raising up members of their congregation to be in the five-fold ministry as a THREAT to their leadership. The way they SHOULD see it is that the Lord is trusting these people to them, precious gifts to the Body, for nurturing and encouragement – which is in fact a GREAT honor and privilege.

Walking in the Light as He is in the Light  (1 Jn 1:7) means walking as a citizen of Heaven in the earth realm.  As we are changed from Glory to Glory by His Spirit through His Word, we become more and more able to see the Light from His Face.  Walking in the light of His Countenance, the enemy can no longer deceive us.  We see things as they really are, as He sees them.  All divisions will disappear

As we say His Word, what is present in Heaven becomes present in our lives, what is absent from Heaven becomes absent from our lives.   Things like Love, Joy, Life, Light, Peace, Truth, and Wisdom will fill our lives.   Things like Sickness, darkness, division, depression, confusion will all leave our lives. That is the transformation that takes place.

I am what makes Heaven Heaven. I am the Love, the Life, the Peace, the Joy, the Light, the Wisdom, and the Truth of Heaven. I am My Word. As you fill your hearts with My Word by saying it, Heaven will become more and more visible in your lives. People will see this, ask of Me, and be saved.

“My Face IS the Secret Place.  Nothing of the enemy can get near you because of the Brightness of My Glory.  My Face is Heaven, made visible.  And where Heaven is, nothing of the enemy can abide.  Draw near to Me, ask Me for grace so you can behold My Glory with the eyes of your heart.  My Glory will shine from your face, and drive back the darkness.”

When you pray, you are interacting with an Eternal Being, a Person who does not exist within time. So believe that you have received what you asked for, right then, and not in the future. That is why some of My Children have problem receiving things, because in their minds they believe it is a future reality, rather than a present, NOW, one. I do not exist in time. Neither does Faith. Faith is always NOW.

“Eternal life is “outside of time” life. You received eternal life when you believed on My Son. Your Spirit exists OUTSIDE of time while your body exists INSIDE of time. That is why you are “seated with Him in the Heavenly realms (Eph 2:6)… at the same time you walk the earth. Faith is a function of your Spirit. So faith operates outside of time. That is why you have what you believe for, the instant you believe for it. The fact that you do not see it with your natural eyes does not matter. The fact that My Word says you have it is ALL that matters, because My Word is settled forever in Heaven, outside of time, beyond anything the enemy can block. If My Word says you have it, you have it, and what you have is settled forever in Heaven because it is based on My Word, which is settled forever in Heaven. That is why I said “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. 15 And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him. ” I John 5:14 Note “we have”, not “we will have”. Everything pertaining to Me is NOW, because I live outside of time. You have what you ask for the instant you ask for it. That is operating independent of what you see and hear. That is overcoming the world, that is faith: I John 5:4 “And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith”

The Light doesn’t ever have to chase the darkness out of a room, it just has to walk in the door

Grace is not “God’s unmerited favor”. Grace is God treating man with the favor due Jesus. This is made possible by what He did for us on the Cross. He received what we deserved on the Cross. So now, we receive the favor He deserves. We receive the Father’s total acceptance and love HE SHOWS JESUS because we are IN CHRIST. That is God’s definition of Grace.  All Grace comes from being IN CHRIST

God has faith in what the Cross did for you. That’s why He sees you as perfect and without condemnation in His Sight. If the Cross was good enough for Him, then it should be good enough for us, too!

God still raises the dead. Why do they not teach this in church?

Religion has taught us to think as men. God wants us to think as sons of God.

People who preach psychology from the pulpit instead of the Word of God are actually feeding their congregation fruit from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. He DOES NOT like that at all. There is no life in it, only death. So they are feeding death to their congregation, to put it as it really is.

We need to forsake the desire to be popular. We will not be standing in front of our congregation on the Last Day. We will be standing in front of Jesus.

The Lord finds it ironic that an adult will correct a toddler for bending over and picking up a piece of trash or a bug and putting it in their mouth, and then that same adult will pick up a book full of unbelief and start reading it.

Our Heavenly Father deeply loves far beyond what we can comprehend, He always tells the truth, and wants what’s best for us at all times. The devil is an insane, homicidal maniac. It is time for us to START agreeing with what our loving Heavenly Father says about us in His Word and to STOP agreeing with what the devil says about us.

“Rom 8:1 “There is NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ Jesus”. There is NO CONDEMNATION for those who are IN ME. My Father totally accepts Me. I sit at His right hand – that shows how much He accepts me. You are IN ME so He completely accepts you too! Do not allow condemnation to trouble you any longer Neither I nor your Father condemn you. We see you as Holy and dearly loved. You are free.”

We are AS HE SEES US. Not as we see ourselves. Not as others see us. And certainly not as the enemy sees us. We ARE AS HE SEES US, and HE SEES US AS HE SEES JESUS, because WE ARE IN CHRIST. He loves us as He loves Jesus. He accepts us as He accepts Jesus. And His Faces shines on us as it shines on Jesus. All because we are IN CHRIST. That is Grace.


One Response to Short messages

  1. Ed Palmes says:

    Thanks for the revelation of the words of Jesus! Keep it coming brother. I pray for more anointing for you and the body of Christ worldwide as they read the words of Jesus in your web site. Thanks for the encouragement. Praise the Lord!

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